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Early Supporter Perks

Level I-$25+

•Level I supporters will receive a branded Cilundu Coffee cold cup + One punch card worth 20 free iced coffees or 10 smoothies.

*Unlimited number of Level I perks available!

Level II- $55+

•Level II supporters receive all of the level I perks + 1 month free subscription to Cilundu Grey Coffee Subscription Service (total of 4-12oz. bags).

*Unlimited number of Level II perks available!

Level III- $75+

•Level III supporters will receive all level I and II perks + a branded Cilundu Coffee Yeti 20oz. tumbler (choose your color: sea foam, olive green, black, or brick red).

*23 of 24 Level III perks still available

Level IV- $150+

•Level IV supporters will receive all level I, II, and III perks + an additional five months of Cilundu Grey Coffee Subscription Service.

*9 of 12 Level IV perks still available

Life- $500+

•Lifers will receive all level I, II, III, and IV perks plus an exclusive branded Cilundu Coffee Yeti 20oz. tumbler personalized with your name or initials.  This special Life tumbler will entitle the owner to 1 free coffee/tea/smoothie per day at Cilundu for the remainder of their life or the life of Cilundu Coffee.  *The Life tumbler is only valid when presented by the original purchaser and is non-transferable. Limited to 1 menu drink per day. 6

*3 of 6 Life perks still available


Support Now

The Goal

 We would like to attain new licensing that will allow us to serve iced coffee drinks, iced tea drinks, and smoothies. Our goal is to raise $5000.  We would like to achieve this goal by June 1, 2018.

The Plan

•Step 1: Acquire a new refrigeration unit and a new freezer unit.  These two new units will provide ample cold/frozen storage and additional counter-top work space.  As an added bonus the new units will be much quieter than our current refrigeration unite.

•Step 2: Replace current flooring with tile or similar material and install tile or stainless back splashes behind the counter.  This step will allow us to create easy to clean areas.

•Step 3: Acquire a commercial blender.  A high quality blender is necessary in order to insure the best possible quality of smoothies and blended ice beverages.

•Step 4: Apply for licensing.  This is the final step before we are able to serve iced beverages and smoothies.  Steps 1-3 are necessary before we apply for licensing. 


Feb 27-Mar 31          Fundraising Period

April 1-30                   Equipment acquisition & Remodel

May 1-31                     Licensing and Inspections



•Why don't you just borrow the money from the bank? As a small business we are committed to remaining debt free.  Being free from debt will allow us as a business to secure our future and be around for the long term.

•What happens if you don't get your license? We fully expect to get our license without any issues, however if for some reason we don't receive our license, all perks will still be delivered and iced coffee cards will be redeemable for hot coffee drinks.

•Why don't you use a platform website like Kickstarter to raise money? While Kickstarter and other similar sites are amazing tools, they don't quite fit the model of what we are trying to do.  We are gathering funds from multiple sources and weren't comfortable with other site's all or nothing approach to fund raising.

•Does my money still help the New Day Orphanage? Yes! By supporting this project you are helping to support our business to grow, which will mean more and more money going to the orphanage.